Anonymous said: I'm going to ask this anonymously, even though I wouldn't mind asking with my name, but I want to know, what do you look for in a girl? and Do you see yourself in a long term relationship?

Why hello there anon. And, no worries if you ever want to talk to me privately you just need to let me know. You know, most folks probably think I’m a very picky villain, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I look for simple things in a woman. She has to be quick to smile. Able to laugh at my dumbass and capable of forming strong opinions of her own of the world around her. As long as she doesn’t take life too seriously and doesn’t mind me ranting about science we should do fine. 

At this very moment anon sadly, I don’t see myself ready for a long term relationship. I start medical school this year and I’m working part time to make ends meet. I just honestly don’t know if I could have the time to dedicate myself to a woman the way a man should. But, watch me say all this crap and next week I’ll be all: "I’m in LOVE! What was my life before her?! Love, love, love we are getting married in April blah, blah, blah"