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Anonymous said: I read your text post earlier. I'm so very sorry that you're dealing with so much racism over there in Georgia. Please always remember that not all of us are horrible. I swear most young people in GA are decent folks.

Oh, dearest Anon it’s not your fault that there is so much ignorance here in the South. The reason why I wrote that message was simply because I’ve had enough. In the past 3 months I’ve had an elderly black woman threaten me with deportation. (Cause you know…speaking Spanish means I’m not American). I’ve found White Supremacist propaganda in the cheese section of the deli that I work for and this morning some old white man called me his “Brown Buddy”

 I swear on my heart of hearts that I will never generalize all people of Georgia due to the bad habits of others. But enough is enough. I will not sit down and take anymore bullshit from any other pretentious old fuck. No matter the color of their skin, religious creed or nationality. You come for me I’m coming for you right back.

Anonymous said: Trade pics?

Good morning, anon! I’m a tad ignorant when it comes to certain things but I’m assuming you mean nude pics? Baby, you wanna see something you need to wine and dine a villain first.  

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Anonymous said: Have you ever dated a man?

Why hello there. Nope, I’ve never dated a fella. I’m sure there are some very nice men out there but, I’ve never been attracted enough by one to think: “Yes…yes I will make this one mines.”

Anonymous said: Have you ever done drugs?

Evening, anon. My experience with narcotics is very limited. I smoked weed once like 8 years ago aaaannndddd that’s about it. 

Anonymous said: Yes, I enjoy a bit of healthy competition. Do you ever suffer from self-doubt? What is your greatest fear?

Hey anon! I just got this question. I’m so sorry that tumblr can be a big bag of dicks from time to time. I do suffer from self doubt. It’s not an everyday thing but when it hits me it creeps up on me slowly and really hits me hard in the stomach. My greatest fear is to become a failure. To feel that I haven’t accomplished at least half of my goals in life. To die and not leave my mark on this world before I leave it. 

Anonymous said: 117 What was the best cup of coffee you ever had, and how do you take it?

Hey there! Best cup of coffee I ever had was in my Godmother’s house. Dark roasted, with milk and 4 sugars. I don’t even like coffee but it was absolutely delicious. 

Anonymous said: Do you eat the ass?

Of course.

Anonymous said: "Do it,... go ahead,.... submit the pictures. Do it.", I say as I retreat into the darkness. "Ha ha!"

That made me laugh more than it should have. In all reality though I’ve never been formally asked to submit any sort of pictures. So…I suppose I could think about it if someone had the courage to ask off anonymous. And again, it’s something I would have to think about. The internet is a strange place my dear, anon. One can never be too careful. 

Anonymous said: Have you ever taken a nude of yourself? Would you ever submit it to a blog if you were asked politely?

Good afternoon, anon! To answer your question, of course I’ve taken pictures of myself naked. I feel no shame of my body what-so-ever. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to share said pictures with the whole wide world. So…I can’t say I would never submit a picture but if I ever did I probably wouldn’t be showing my face as a precaution. 

Anonymous said: In all honesty, what WOULD you do for a Klondike bar?

Nothing as terrible as taking a life…I think…

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