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Anonymous asked: Do you eat the ass?

Of course.

Anonymous asked: "Do it,... go ahead,.... submit the pictures. Do it.", I say as I retreat into the darkness. "Ha ha!"

That made me laugh more than it should have. In all reality though I’ve never been formally asked to submit any sort of pictures. So…I suppose I could think about it if someone had the courage to ask off anonymous. And again, it’s something I would have to think about. The internet is a strange place my dear, anon. One can never be too careful. 

Anonymous asked: Have you ever taken a nude of yourself? Would you ever submit it to a blog if you were asked politely?

Good afternoon, anon! To answer your question, of course I’ve taken pictures of myself naked. I feel no shame of my body what-so-ever. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to share said pictures with the whole wide world. So…I can’t say I would never submit a picture but if I ever did I probably wouldn’t be showing my face as a precaution. 

Anonymous asked: In all honesty, what WOULD you do for a Klondike bar?

Nothing as terrible as taking a life…I think…

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Anonymous asked: good looking little shit

Thank youuuuu.

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Anonymous asked: I'll massage your feet and your neck if you post a selfie

I’ve been feeling tired as all sin today but I can so muster up some energy for some pics. I warn you I am not getting out of bed though:

And a silly face:

Now were is my massage?!

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Anonymous asked: Your followers then proceed to play a collective game of "is he talking about me or someone else"

Evening, anon. Nah, I’m pretty certain the person will figure it out. She’s a smart cookie.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever done the pill out? Is there a chance that you hopefully won't get pregnant?

Afternoon, anon! Forgive me if my response is late. I’ve been very busy since I’ve moved. I personally have never just used the “Pull Out Method”. Considering how often people are sick with venereal diseases without even knowing it I’ve made it a rule for myself to always use protection. Also, the “Pull Out Method” is not very effective at stopping a possible pregnancy. So…if you feel that you trust your partner enough to not use a condom there are other methods like birth-control pills or IUDs that will allow you to have intercourse without the fear of pregnancy. Do keep in mind nothing is 100% safe. But, your odds are a hell of a lot better when you use the proper protection, in the proper manner. 

Be safe out there, anon! 

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Anonymous asked: Thank you! I will talk with him. I think its better if I take some space and figure things out with myself. Take care!

I’m so glad I could be of service. I wish you the best. You’ll figure it out. 

Anonymous asked: I'm so confused. I feel that my bf is with me because he's afraid to be alone, and I hate that, but I don't know if my feelings are real either. How do you know?

Good evening, anon. I’m sorry to hear about your situation. If you feel this way about your boyfriend I’m quite sure that he has given you more than one good reason to think what you’re thinking. You can’t just go about assuming though. Confront him about your feelings. Sit down with him and really try to explain why you think he is just with you due to loneliness. Most of all sit down with yourself and start going over the finer points of your feelings for him as well.

-Do you really want to be with him?-

-Are you willing to make this work?-

-Is it even worth the effort?-

Most of all you really do need to ask yourself, if the both of you are acting strange and you both seem to be in a midpoint in this relationship than maybe it would be better to just cut your loses and stop dating while your friendship is still entact. I hope this serves as some help, anon. Be safe and take care.

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